Yellowfin Delivers Powerful Data Preparation Module


It is widely recognized that data preparation represents between 50% and 80% of the data analysis task. And so as reality hits users of visual analytics platforms, they realize they need much more productive data preparation tools. The alternative is significant delays in delivering analysis, and the real possibility that analysis is based on data that is not fit for purpose. Most suppliers of visual analytics platforms are scrambling to address this issue in one way or another, but Yellowfin is claiming a first in delivering a module wholly devoted to data preparation. Here is some of the info taken from their own announcements:

Yellowfin has launched the first ever integrated and virtualized Data Preparation Module for analytics, delivering guided processes for transforming data into consistent formats suitable for exploration, analysis and report building.Fully integrated into the metadata layer of Yellowfin’s BI platform (now termed data preparation layer), the new Data Preparation Module offers clients a unique method of integrating, managing and acting on more data in less time.

Yellowfin’s Data Preparation Module will enable organizations to easily model, profile, clean, shape, enrich, secure and publish all data desired for reporting and analytics in a single BI environment. The Data Preparation Module will be included as part of a standard Yellowfin license at no additional cost.

Yellowfin’s Data Preparation Module has been designed to overcome common challenges
encountered when preparing data for analytics in three ways, by:

  • Integrating data preparation processes directly into a single analytics environment
  • Offering comprehensive data profiling capabilities
  • Providing automated best practice metadata modeling functionality

By integrating Yellowfin’s Data Preparation Module at the metadata level (Yellowfin View),
Yellowfin will enable clients to maintain unparalleled consistency, governance and security across all data and BI content. Any data preparation actions performed will be uniformly reflected across all content based on that metadata layer throughout your organization – from reports and charts, to dashboards and Storyboards.

Yellowfin’s virtualized approach empowers data analysts to directly connect to, prepare and
analyze all data sources for analytics in a single BI environment. This enables clients to avoid the problems associated with traditional approaches to data preparation, which force organizations to undertake data migration processes, that put data governance and security at risk.

Additionally, by delivering data preparation as well as reporting and analytics capabilities in a single application, Yellowfin enables organizations to avoid the cost, complexity and data provisioning bottlenecks of a multi-tool approach.