WSO2 Open Source CEP


WSO2 open source CEP (complex event processing) is part of WSO2 Big Data Analytics Platform where it provides the Realtime Analytics pipeline. WSO2 CEP integrate closely with WSO2 Business Activity Monitor. WSO2 CEP captures events from various data sources through different protocols and data formats as event streams. These event streams are then analyzed using the high performance Siddhi CEP Engine, with easy to use SQL like query language. This facilitates temporal correlations between event streams with historic data, that in turn enables detection of complex event patterns. The output is then published as a stream of events to various backend systems as alerts via different protocols and data formats, with visualization support. The WSO2 CEP provides enterprise level management, statistics, debugging and tracing support for the whole event flow, enabling highly scalable and high availability deployments.



Process data in flow and Analyze in real time.

  • Powerful, extensible comprehensive language for stream processing powered by WSO2 Siddhi.
  • SQL like query language providing intuitive and complex event processing support.
  • Supports filter by conditions, create and join event streams, executes temporal queries using various windows, identifies sequence of events occurrences.

Connect and Integrate to any event source.

  • Support for many transport adapters including for IoT.
  • Data publisher agents to plug into enterprise systems.
  • Tight Integration with WSO2 Business Activity Monitor for historic and batch processing.

Extend platform and distribute event processing for Scalability and High Availability.

  • Extensible use case driven toolbox support including fraud detection, time series, geo fencing, Natural Language Processing plugin.
  • Scale CEP using query chaining and partitioning into multiple CEP nodes with distributed cache.
  • Supports long running queries via persistence support with Cassandra

Visualize, Monitor and Act on business events in real time

  • Event tracing, event flow visualization and event simulation capabilities.
  • Built-in collection and monitoring of standard access and performance statistic.
  • Effective real time dashboard with support for gadget generation.