Vizzlo – Easy Business Graphics


Vizzlo is a browser-based visualisation tool that helps users create designer-grade graphics for presentations. While data analysis is crucial for identifying needs, opportunities and solutions for businesses, presenting this meaningful information is necessary to engage stakeholders and influence decision making. Though reporting and visual analytics tools are powerful ways to depict complex scenarios, compelling business presentations are supposed to be more straightforward and visually appealing. Since these presentations are a piece of a company’s communication, they should also reinforce its branding strategy.

Creating visual aids for presentations is usually time-consuming, and most people involved in the process cannot rely on professional designers, nor do they have the necessary skills to create visuals. Vizzlo offers an easy and time-saving solution. It is very intuitive, so that previous training on the platform is not needed, which makes it accessible for nearly everyone. The tool is also responsive. For every new entry, the graphics change automatically, allowing you to see the results immediately.


Whether you are building a simple chart or a business graphic, Vizzlo offers compelling options for your presentation. Its portfolio has a broad range of visuals, and it is continuously being expanded.

The web-based application integrates seamlessly into your daily workflow. Graphics are easy to share (Vizzlo also has social sharing features) and export. You can drag these graphics into presentations tools, such as PowerPoint and Keynote, or insert them in emails and general documents.

In addition, Vizzlo ensures brand consistency in complex contexts that are typical within the corporate world, i.e. projects with diverse teams using various tools and involving different departments.


Vizzlo offers a free version with pre-established templates. The subscription plan (starting at $11) increases customisation and flexibility, enables teamwork, and allows users to adjust different permission and privacy settings.

With the paid version of Vizzlo, users can easily customise the tool to match their corporate design guidelines and make every newly generated graphic automatically compliant with them.

Vizzlo’s strengths are its accessibility and customisation possibilities. It allows increased productivity while ensuring beautiful, consistent graphics that are faithful to a business’s identity.