Semantria Review



Semantria’s cloud-based sentiment analysis API is powered by Lexalytics Salience (a highly regarded text analytics engine), and applies Text and Sentiment Analysis to tweets, facebook posts, surveys, reviews or enterprise content. It is the only Text and Sentiment Analysis solution for Excel and features entity extraction, categorization and sentiment analysis.

All features are available in nine different languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Italian, Korean and Japanese. Malay, Indonesian and Singlish are also available as paid add-ons through partners.

The API enables integration with most other types of system. Categorization and Entity Extraction can easily be trained to match industry-specific vocabularies.

Every aspect of Sentiment Analysis can be tweaked until the scores match needs. SDK libraries are available in C++, JAVA, PHP, .NET, Python, Ruby & JavaScript. The libraries expose all the features of the API, and contain guides for implementation best practices.

Semantria enables sentiment analysis, categorization, named entity extraction, queries, theme extraction, document summarization, facets and attributes, and support for multiple langauges. The RESTful API communicates with standard HTTP request methods and supports JSON and XML. Semantria API is asynchronous and designed for quickly processing high volumes of content.

The outline of the API is simple: with a RESTful approach, users maintain two separate channels of data submission and data retrieval. Users can submit data document-by-document or in batches of documents. Users can retrieve by calling a single document, pulling a batch of documents, auto-response, or with a webhook URL. Each successfully processed document decreases the account’s API balance.