Monte Carlo Simulation Free Software


Monte Carlo Simulation Free Software 2015

BlockTreat is a general frequentist Monte Carlo program for block and treatment tests, tests with matching, k-sample tests, and tests for independence.  BlockTreat is written in Java. – (Linux only) a full tutorial on Monte Carlo simulation in Excel without using add-ins. Good introduction to core concepts and some advanced techniques.

Gnumeric is a fast, free open source spreadsheet program with considerably more power than most of the competition (including Excel). Monte Carlo functions are built into the spreadsheet along with other advanced statistical functions.

MCS uses Monte Carlo techniques in combination with PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) to estimate project timescales. This is an open source product and developed in Java.

MonteCarlito is a free Excel add-in with support for both Windows and OS X versions of Excel. It supports some standard statistical functions (mean, median, standard error, variance, skewness, kurtosis), high-speed simulation and because it is open source, is extendible.

SIMTOOLS adds statistical functions and procedures for doing Monte Carlo simulation and risk analysis in spreadsheets, and adds to Excel 32 statistical functions, listed in six categories:

  • Inverse cumulative-probability functions.
  • Functions for working with correlations among random variables
  • Functions for decision analysis
  • Functions for analyzing discrete probability distributions
  • Functions for regression analysis
  • Functions for randomly generating discrete distributions

SIMTOOLS.XLA also adds three macro procedures to the Excel Tools menu: SIMULATION TABLE, ITERATIVE PROCESS, COMBINE ROWS

SimulAr is a program developed as a complement of Microsoft Excel (Add-in) and it is characterized by its simplicity and flexibility

Tukhi is a free Excel add-in with the following features:

  • High performance Monte Carlo simulations.
  • Data driven simulations using SQL Queries.
  • Simulations can be nested inside of simulations.
  • Use any random number generators.
  • No limit on the number of iterations.

XLSim – This is a free add-in for Excel and is used by many large corporations. It supports distribution strings (DIST technology) a widely acclaimed method for communicating risk and uncertainty. Tutorials and examples are included with the download in addition to very good documentation.

YASAI was developed for teaching elementary Monte Carlo simulation in Microsoft Excel. It was to be simple to use for mathematically unsophisticated beginning students, and could be used and installed easily without system administrator privilege. YASAI may run simulations slower than commercial products, since all the random number generation code is interpreted in Visual Basic.

YASAIw – A Monte Carlo simulation add-in for Microsoft Excel. This add-in is a free open-source framework for Monte Carlo simulation in Excel. YASAIw is a modification of the original YASAI add-in that was developed by Rutgers University. The modified version (YASAIw) adds several new features including more distributions, correlated random variables, sensitivity analysis, and the ability to run user-defined macros during simulation.