Microstrategy 10 Secure Enterprise Now Available


MicroStrategy® Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms, today announced that MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise is generally available, with attendees at the 2015 Symposium Series getting a preview and demonstration of the platform’s powerful capabilities. For the first time, MicroStrategy’s analytics platform combines traditional business intelligence functionality with data discovery, mobile analytics and powerful enterprise security. MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise builds on proven enterprise capabilities to make sophisticated, high-performance analytics more accessible, easier to use, and faster. To learn more about MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise, watch this video or visit MicroStrategy online.

“MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise is a groundbreaking solution that combines analytics, mobility, and security in a single integrated platform,” said Michael Saylor, CEO, MicroStrategy Incorporated. “It delivers outstanding enterprise functionality through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for every user that is powerful enough for the most demanding organizations. We are confident that IT and business leaders will be impressed with MicroStrategy 10™ and its ability to create stunning new applications that deliver tremendous value to the enterprise.”

MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise contains a host of new features and enhanced functionality:

  • Revamped data discovery offers enhanced exploration and visualization capabilities on both Mac OS and Windows. New built-in data wrangling capabilities enable users to quickly prepare data for analysis without using other tools.
  • New governed data discovery makes it simple to promote dashboards from the desktop to the enterprise, providing a seamless path from self-service analytics to enterprise BI.
  • New native Hadoop access makes analyzing petabytes of multi-structured data easy. MicroStategy 10 offers native HDFS connectivity within a complete enterprise analytics environment.
  • Bigger, better in-memory performance lets users put more data on parallel-partitioned in-memory cubes, so organizations can run faster queries across larger volumes of data.
  • Completely redesigned HTML5 interface makes self-service analytics faster, more intuitive, and easier to use, so users can quickly connect to any data and drag-and-drop their way to business insights in an instant.
  • New Operations Manager enables administrators to save time and drive efficiency by managing and monitoring all of their environments from a single interface.
  • Cutting-edge platform security, powered by biometric and multi-factor authentication, provides enhanced security for every method of analytics delivery, conveniently and seamlessly.
  • Convenient user verification with a smartphone app replaces the need for users to log in with a password.
  • Out-of-the-box employee productivity app, built on MicroStrategy’s proprietary telemetry database, gives managers powerful insight into employee activity and performance.

Version 10 underscores MicroStrategy’s commitment to serving the enterprise analytics needs of global organizations. Here are what some of our customers and partners have to say about MicroStrategy 10:

“The new HTML5 interface in version 10 is a game changer,” said Kevin Curley, Executive Director of Business Intelligence at Catalina Marketing. “The new interface and functionality have significantly improved the self-service user experience, while at the same time, have cut the learning curve for new users. Furthermore, having the ability to easily integrate with advanced analytics and open source libraries like D3 has significantly increased our ability to visualize data exactly the way we want.”

“We currently rely on the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform™ to track programming investments, analyze ad and affiliate sales trends, and review sales team performance,” said Madhur Sawhney, Sr. Director Data & Analytics Technology at Discovery Communications. “After testing MicroStrategy 10 as an early adopter, our team really likes the new functionality — in particular, the ability to easily wrangle and parse data as well as save/import wrangling scripts functionality. The enhanced data blending features and on-the-fly data manipulations made possible with version 10 and Visual Insight provide incredible speed-of-interactivity and ease of use.”

“MicroStrategy 10 is a workhorse built to support a wide variety of end users,” said Frank Zhou, Software Development Manager at PayPal. “In testing, we successfully loaded a cube with over two billion rows (~400GB) while supporting sub-second query execution and greater user scalability, thanks to the new high performance in-memory architecture.”

“We have had the opportunity over the last several months to test the beta version of MicroStrategy 10, and I’m here to tell you that they got it right with MicroStrategy 10,” said Jim Butz, Principal at Southport Services Group. “MicroStrategy 10 is packed with exceptional functionality and capabilities, including a redesigned data discovery interface for easier and better data exploration, native HDFS connectivity for faster access to Hadoop, and new in-memory architecture for faster performance. I’m excited about the upcoming release and seeing how the broader market receives the latest product offering from MicroStrategy.”

“After implementing MicroStrategy 10 as an early adopter, we are delighted with the cleaner streamlined interface, the new analytical capabilities, and the ability users now have to personalize their analytics experience,” said Peter Zaballos, Vice President of Marketing & Product, SPS Commerce. “In the omni-channel retail era our customers are facing, analytics is critical to understanding the ever-changing demands of the consumer. The improved accessibility and rich data visualization capabilities of MicroStrategy 10 will enable our retail and CPG customers to better track consumer buying trends and inventory availability to grow their business.”