Klipfolio Review



Klipfolio is an online dashboard platform that pretty well connects with everything and will display data in whatever visualisation is most appropriate – and the pricing is very reasonable indeed.

The list of dates sources that can be accessed is too long to provide details here, but includes native support (XML, JSON, Excel and CSV), web services, databases (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase etc), cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive etc), applications (Salesforce, Facebook etc) and a wide variety of other formats.

Visualisations include tables, bar charts, line and area charts, combination charts, spark lines, pie charts, maps, scatter plots, and by using HTML and CSS users can create bespoke visualisations. These components can then be placed on a dashboard using a wysiwyg editor, and additional sophistication can be added through the use of various formulas and functions.

Collaboration features mean that dashboards can be shared with permissioned users, and notification and distribution can take place by email.

Klipfolio is a powerful, and easy to use data visualisation and dashboard platform. Mobile devices are supported, and business users will find it does most of what they want out-of-the-box. Just in case it doesn’t there are various ways to extend functionality, data access and of course it scales as much as you might want it to

Finally the pricing – it’s very good value. This is not a full blown BI suite, but will serve contemporary needs for ease-of-use, broad support for various data sources, and collaboration admirably.