JReport Adds Advanced Functionality


JReport is one of the unsung heroes in the world of business intelligence. Its latest release adds some advanced functionality in the form of compound crosstabs, live dashboards and enhanced mobile functionality. The main market for JReport is the OEM and systems integrator, but is also making inroads into the enterprise scene. An excerpt from the press release is below:

Jinfonet Software, a leading embedded analytics and reporting software provider, announces the general availability of JReport 14.5. The latest release empowers product owners and developers to enable powerful insights for their users without the need to hunt and stitch together data from multiple views.

Compound Crosstabs. Crosstabs have been one of the most valuable visualizations in BI and analytics history. They are very effective in analyzing hierarchically structured information, such as product categories, where the eyes drive across rows. Solving complex challenges and optimizing results at today’s business velocity however requires even smarter data layouts where users can evaluate more variables and outcomes simultaneously.

JReport 14.5 now offers innovative Compound Crosstabs that allow users to put multiple, parallel crosstabs together in a highly flexible structure. Every group of columns and rows can have its own set of measures making it possible to juxtapose information that normally requires multiple rounds of configure-and-run. JReport 14.5 truly empowers application owners to help their users see more and do more.

Live Dashboards. Continuing on the JReport 14.5 mission to give users enhanced analytics vision, individual widgets on dashboards can now subscribe to another widget and synchronize its own data and visualization in real-time. When a user drills down, filters or sorts on a dimension in one widget, visualizations on other subscribed dashboard widgets update instantly.

Enhanced Mobile Analytics. Customers embedding JReport 14.5 gain reports and analytics that are further optimized for tablets and smartphones. Users on the go will see more and do more through improved screen layouts, responsive scaling and folding dashboards, reports and charts. Jinfonet’s commitment to the highest levels of enterprise-class performance also continues with incremental data access that reach the screen first so users gain earlier insight while JReport processes the remaining results.