Free Machine Learning as a Service Platforms


These free machine learning services are mostly throttled versions of the commercial service. is different, but having been acquired by Facebook this may change.

Amazon Machine Learning is a service that makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to use machine learning technology. Amazon Machine Learning provides visualization tools and wizards that guide you through the process of creating machine learning (ML) models without having to learn complex ML algorithms and technology. Once your models are ready, Amazon Machine Learning makes it easy to get predictions for your application using simple APIs, without having to implement custom prediction generation code, or manage any infrastructure. One year free access is available.

BigML is a cloud based machine learning platform with an easy to use graphical interface. It also provides simple mechanisms to incorporate predictive models into production applications through its REST API. The platform combines supervised learning (to build predictive models), unsupervised learning (to understand behavior), anomaly detection (used in fraud detection), data visualization tools (scatter-plots and Sunburst diagrams) and many mechanisms for exploring data. The modest pricing will make it attractive to medium and large businesses who want the benefits associated with machine learning without large upfront costs and implementation delays. BigML is a pragmatic, low cost, easy to use platform for building powerful predictive models. A free version is also available.

DataRobot is a cloud based machine learning service that takes much of the grunt out of predictive model building. It automatically searches for the best features, selects the most appropriate algorithms, test the model and provides an API for model deployment. It takes best-in-class algorithms from R, Python, H20, Spark, and other sources, and employs text mining, variable type detection, encoding, imputation, scaling, transformation, and automated feature engineering. The infrastructure is massively powerful for rapid processing, and big data is well supported with certification on Cloudera Enterprise 5. A free community version is available at the time of writing.

Datumbox API offers a large number of off-the-shelf Classifiers and Natural Language Processing services which can be used in a broad spectrum of applications including: Sentiment Analysis, Topic Classification, Language Detection, Subjectivity Analysis, Spam Detection, Reading Assessment, Keyword and Text Extraction and more. All services are accessible via our powerful REST API which allows you to develop your own smart Applications in no time. A free API key is available.

IBM’s Watson Analytics offers predictive analytics and data visualization, and a conversational type interface. It automatically does the hard math to show the most relevant facts, patterns and relationships. A free version is offered with limitations on data volumes.

Microsoft Machine Learning Studio features a library of time-saving sample experiments, R and Python packages and best-in-class algorithms from Microsoft businesses like Xbox and Bing. Azure ML also supports R and Python custom code, which can be dropped directly into your workspace. is a natural language processing platform recently acquired by Facebook. It allows developers to add voice interfaces to any application and it simply converts speech or text into structured data.