ConveyAPI Review



ConveyAPI™ is a simple to use REST web service that provides programmatic access to a powerful text analytics engine. It utilizes natural language processing, statistical modeling and machine learning techniques to return content-specific annotations.

There are four out-of-the-box classifiers available to measure the following qualities within text:

  • Sentiment – Understand whether authors’ comments are positive, negative or neutral toward specific topics. Our sentiment classifier achieves 90-93% of human performance, significantly outperforming other text analytics platforms.
  • Emotion – Understand the emotions an author is expressing toward the subject they are discussing (based on Robert Plutchik’s influential 8-category classification of human emotions).
  • Intensity – Understand the strength of the author’s attitude toward the subject they are discussing.
  • Relevance – Determine if a given piece of content is relevant to the business question at hand.

ConveyAPI is available as a high performance REST web service. Using HTTP POST and GET commands, you simply send text to the API and receive annotated text in response. You consume the response as JSON.

The user can select the annotations to be returned (sentiment, emotion, intensity, relevance, spam) and the annotation level (document, sentence or entity level). Single and multi-document requests are available. There is a rich set of documentation that accompanies ConveyAPI, including sample programs in Java, Ruby, C#. ConveyAPI provides a dashboard to track usage, administer users, request keys, manage costs and request assistance.