Adgorithms – Artificial Intelligence in Marketing


It was only a matter of time before someone applied artificial intelligence (AI) to marketing. To make the technology seem more friendly Adgorithms has called its service Albert – following in the footsteps of IBM with Watson. Albert operates across all channels – email, mobile, social, search and display. It continuously learns the best ad placements, wording, exposure – and so on. This is a very sophisticated offering, merging together multiple AI techniques to provide a resource that can be left to its own devices, to a large extent.

Albert incorporates predictive analytics, machine-learning, control systems and feedback, natural language processing, and other proprietary algorithms – to provide marketers with a self-driving solution for cross-channel (both paid and nonpaid) campaign execution, testing, optimization, analysis, and insights. It becomes more intelligent as the software learns and grows with a business, creating digital marketing interactions unassisted, using the results of multivariate tests and deep-level analysis to make better decisions moving forward. That means that the campaigning process is handled automatically on every channel and device, every step of the way.

Harley-Davidson has been particularly pleased with the results. It now relies on Albert to handle every aspect of digital campaign management and execution. Working with campaign creative and KPIs provided by the brand, Albert autonomously executes holistic digital ad and marketing campaigns, learning as he goes, in order to identify the audiences most likely to convert, eliminate low-value audiences, apply insights gained from one channel to other channels, and engage in over 20 other digital ad and marketing activities necessary to meet the given KPIs. These include identification of new audiences, identification of top-performing ad concepts and elements, and prioritizes them across channels, discovers unique behavioral patterns that trigger specific actions, predicts optimal pricing and reallocates budget to the best-performing channels, and optimizes millions of keywords and test thousands of ad variations simultaneously. After just six months, Harley-Davidson NYC already credits 40% of its motorcycle sales to Albert and is in the process of hiring a team of approximately 6 new employees to keep up with resulting leads.

This is just the beginning of AI in marketing, and Albert can tirelessly modify marketing campaigns as trends and conditions change. Adgorithms was founded in 2010 and looks like it is taking a lead in the application of AI to marketing.