5+ Free .NET Reporting Tools


The fyiReporting RDL Project is a powerful report and charting system based on Report Definition Language (RDL). Tabular, free form, matrix, charts are fully supported. Report output may be displayed as HTML, PDF, Excel, RTF, XML, .Net Control, Web Archive, and to a printer.

Libraries exist for use in your ASP.NET, Windows .Net, and command line applications. A WYSIWYG designer allows you to create reports without knowledge of RDL. Wizards are available for creating new reports and for inserting new Tables, Matrices, and Charts into existing reports.

MyNeoReport library is a free and easy to use way to design and add reports to .NET applications. It supports a WYSIWYG report designer and the libraries have to be distributed with the application.

Report Manager is a reporting application (Report Manager Designer) and a set of libraries and utilities to preview, export or print reports. Include native .Net and Delphi/C++Builder libraries, ActiveX component and also standard dynamic link library for use in any language like GNU C. The reporting engine includes a TCP enabled Report Server so thin clients can obtain reports processed in the server. Also a fully functional web report server application is available, generating Adobe PDF files on the fly.

This is a true net and web report server with no license fees and multiprocessor support. Report Manager is open source under the MPL license model, (including a GPL allowed use clause) so you can use it in your commercial software.

ReportMax is a free reporting tool for .NET Framework developers on Visual Studio.NET 2010 and 2012. It is easy to use and rich in features. Export reports to PDF, Excel or CSV. Build simple or complex reports with Data Fields, Images, Sub Reports, Charts, Calculated fields and more. Integrated from within Visual Studio for WinForms and WebForms projects. Easily customizable to connect to any data source. Runtime customization through Event handlers.

Seal Report is an Open Source for the Microsoft .Net Framework entirely written in C#. It supports dynamic SQL sources, native pivot tables, HTML 5 charts and Microsoft charts, HTML rendering using the Razor engine, web report server and task scheduler. Read full review here.