5+ Free MySQL ETL Tools


Talend Open Source Data Integrator provides multiple solutions for data integration, both open source and commercial editions. Talend offers an Eclipse-based interface, drag-and-drop design flow, and broad connectivity with more than 400 pre-configured application connectors to bridge between databases, mainframes, file systems, web services, packaged enterprise applications, data warehouses, OLAP applications, Software-as-a-Service, Cloud-based applications, and more.

Apatar provides connectivity to many popular applications and data sources (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Sybase, DB2, MS Access, PostgreSQL, XML, InstantDB, Paradox, BorlandJDataStore, Csv, MS Excel, Qed, HSQL, Compiere ERP, SalesForce.Com, SugarCRM, Goldmine, any JDBC data sources and more). Supports bi-directional integration, is platform independent and can be used without coding via the Visual Job Designer. An on-demand version supports Salesforce and QuickBooks.

CloverETL supports a wide range of data sources including CSV, Excel, databases via JDBC drivers, LDAP, Lotus Notes, Quickbase, Infobright, web services, XML and JSON. Functionality includes filters, joins, lookup, aggregate, sort, dedup, rollup, normalize, pivot and much more. Interface is primarily visual without coding. Free community edition and various commercial packages.

Jaspersoft ETL is easy to deploy and out-performs many proprietary ETL software systems. It is used to extract data from your transactional system to create a consolidated data warehouse or data mart for reporting and analysis.

KETL is a premier, open source ETL tool. The data integration platform is built with portable, java-based architecture and open, XML-based configuration and job language. KETL features successfully compete with major commercial products available today. Highlights include:

  • Support for integration of security and data management tools
  • Proven scalability across multiple servers and CPU’s and any volume of data
  • No additional need for third party schedule, dependency, and notification tools
  • KETL is open sourced under a combination of the both the GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL) and the GNU Public License (GPL).

Pentaho’s Data Integration, also known as Kettle, delivers powerful extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) capabilities. You can use this stand-alone application to visually design transforms and jobs that extract your existing data and make it available for easy reporting and analysis.