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Bayesian Network Software 2015


AgenaRisk  Bayesian Network software is targeted at modelling, analysing and predicting risk through the use of Bayesian networks. It has a surprisingly large number of big brand users in aerospace, banking, defence, telecoms and transportation. Two free versions are available (one subject to buying a book), but both are throttled to model size. AgenaRisk Pro is available through subscription, and AgenaRisk Enterprise provides support for enterprise deployment of models.

BayesiaLab supports the creation of Bayesian networks with good graphical capabilities and a relatively gentle learning curve. Bayesia Market Simulator allows the analysis of a competing set of offers in relation to a defined population. Integration with applications is achieved through Bayesia Engines, and Bayesia Graph Layout Engine supports the positioning of graphs in other applications.

BayesServer features a functional graphical user interface and a rich set of tools for diverse Bayesian analysis tasks (dynamic Bayesian networks for time series, multiple variable nodes, relevance optimization and many others). It is used for classification, regression, time series prediction, clustering and most forms of data mining task. It runs in a Windows environment and the Express Edition comes in at £388 and the Professional Edition at £1297. A server version is also available for multiple users.

This is a knowledge base system using Bayesian network software and has applications in the contact center, customer self service and knowledge base administration. A number of products are built around the Bayesian network capability including a Contact Center Portal, Self-Service portal, Off-line Troubleshooter, Virtual Assistant and other automated advisory modes.

Netica from Norsys is claimed to be the most widely used Bayesian network development software. The graphical user interface supports belief networks and influence diagrams, giving a very visual approach to Bayesian analysis. The commercial edition costs US$585 and the personal edition $285. A free version is available which is limited in the model size it supports.

A free add-on to R called BayesM is also worthy of investigation and has many features useful in marketing applications.