10+ Free Decision Tree Software


The first five free decision tree software in this list support the manual construction of decision trees, often used in decision support. iBoske, Lucidchart and SilverDecisions are online tools, and the others are installable. All products in this list are free to use forever, and are not free trials (of which there are many).

Lucidchart offers a free, but limited subscription to its Online Decision Maker decision tree software.

Gambit is an open-source collection of tools for doing computation in game theory, and by inference, decision trees. Gambit’s graphical user interface provides an “integrated development environment” to help visually construct games and trees and to investigate their main strategic features.

iBoske is a decision tree creation and sharing platform. It’s 100% web based, free and mobile friendly. It allows anyone, with no previous knowledge, to share their experience in a directly applicable way, which is nowadays known as knowledge application, both in iBoske or in their own website (embedded). End users can use them with a player similar to Youtube or Slideshare.

SilverDecisions is a Free Open Source tool for creating and analyzing of decision trees. The application provides a browser based interface for manual tree modeling and provides a rich set of layout options. For a constructed tree a set of optimal decisions is found and highlighted. The decision tree with all its characteristics can be exported to JSON, PNG and SVG format. The application development was financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 645860. 

Simple Decision Tree is an Excel Add-in created by Thomas Seyller. The Add-in is released under the terms of GPL v3 with additional permissions.

These remaining five tools create decision trees as part of an analysis process. KNIME and RapidMiner are data mining platforms, with the remaining products more focused on decision trees.

bigml is a cloud based machine learning platform with good support for decision tree generation. A free account is offered with maximum of 60MB data sets.

GATree decision tree tool makes use of genetic algorithms to evolve binary decision trees. It allows users to set the characteristics of the resulting decision tree and can provide a set of different decision trees that match the solution space. The free version restricts the number of generations and the maximum size of the initial population. The commercial version costs 200 Euro.

KNIME is an open source data mining platform with good support for decision trees. Although not as powerful as some of the stand-alone tools, the user interface is friendly and most business problems can be addressed with it.

RapidMiner is a data mining platform and comes in both free and paid for versions. Like KNIME it provides good support for decision trees.

Smiles is a machine learning system that integrates many different features from other machine learning techniques and paradigms and, more importantly, it presents several innovations in almost all of these features. In particular, SMILES extends classical decision tree learners in many ways (new splitting criteria, non-greedy search, new partitions, extraction of several and different solutions), it has an anytime handling of resources, and has a sophisticated and quite effective handling of (misclassification and test) costs.

YaDT is a new from-scratch implementation of the entropy-based tree construction algorithm. It has been designed and implemented in C++ with strong emphasis on efficiency (time and space) and portability (Windows/Linux, 32/64 bit executable).