10+ Best Enterprise Dashboards


arcplan dashboards are part of a larger BI capability, and support many ease of use features such as tabbed navigation, interactive filtering and other on-the-fly types of analysis.

Board dashboards support drill through and ad-hoc queries, with many visualization options and self-service creation and customization. Part of a large integrated BI and performance management capability.

Dimensional Insight supports advanced dashboards as part of a broad BI capability. They allow drill down, rapid development and the download of dashboard metrics, charts and data to MS Excel, PowerPoint or Adobe PDF.

JReport from Jinfonet excels in embeddable reporting and data visualisation. It is used by some of the world’s largest businesses, typically to provide online reporting facilities to customers, but is also used in many businesses to provide information directly to employees and partners. At the current time, around two thirds of Jinfonet’s business comes from OEM, ISVs and other third parties who provide embedded intelligence in a variety of services and products. JReport supports dashboards, charts, reporting, and connects to a wide variety of data sources, including big data, relational databases and cloud based data.

Logi Analytics provides dashboard, reporting and analytics capability with an easy to use drag and drop interface for most tasks.

Microstrategy dashboards are easy to create and various templates considerably enhance productivity. A free version of Analytics Desktop provides access to dashboard creation, as well as many other BI functions.

Tableau has become popular because of its ease of use, although it does trade off sophistication. Nonetheless its dashboards are fully featured and are widely used.

Yellowfin dashboards are very sophisticated with subtabs, drill down and through, interactive filtering and many design options.